CMFS Rebrand!

The Czech FA, or Českomoravský Fotbalový Svaz to give it its full handle, has launched a new logo in an attempt to modernise its brand.

The governing body of Czech football has ditched the widely recognised national insignia in favour of a redefining team logo. The Svaz as I like to call them, considerately allowed fans the chance to vote for the new emblem from a broad selection of the following two:

I can only assume that the internet mistranslated the Czech for modern as these MS Paint offerings are disturbingly similar to the logo on my 1991 Pro Set football trading card pack. Evidently the cowboys behind the London 2012 logo are still getting work, and I’m considering a future in graphic design.

But pity the poor Czech public. Usually in such a situation you’d take the lesser of two evils, but this is like choosing your third A level after you’ve already highlighted Art and Sports Science. In the end, they plumped for the pygmy lion-king cakewalking atop the world’s largest football.

CMFS Federal Vice-President Henry Rajchl had the following to say (through Google translate), “For us the main thing is that we use a modern logo, which does not contradict the legal status that there must be a state emblem of the Czech Republic. We are glad to return to the lion on his chest, and I believe him to return the lion spirit in our hearts, to which we can advance to the Euro.”

Not the best outcome in my opinion but I don’t envisage it making a great deal of difference either. Plus, it’s probably worth highlighting that unlike the Royal Mail or GAP who spent millions of dollars only to revert to their original branding, the Czech FA have skilfully spent no money and embraced theirs.

Whichever way you look at it we will be wishing farewell to the logo of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, albeit reluctantly, so here she is one last time in all her glory:


One response to “CMFS Rebrand!

  1. They’re getting rid of that one at the bottom? But that’s a masterpiece! Look at those weird … eagles? And the football drawn by a man who had only ever had a ball described to him by somebody else, probably drunk at the time.

    “Right, so you’ve got black pentagons, yes, and then they’re all joined up by white hexagons — are those the six-sided ones? Yeah, them. Hexagons. Only, only, right. The thing with a football. It’s round. So when you look at it, it looks … round. Make sure you draw it being round. Why yes, I think I will have another”

    Send it over here. I’ll try and persuade Dulwich to adopt it or something.

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