Setting the record straight

With the amount of Czech football queries I receive you’d think I update this site with original content five times a day. As it happens this is my first post in five years.

It’s not that I lost interest. It was a combination of boring factors and having my site torpedoed by this guy right here who duplicated my idea but did it a million times better.

I left Hezký dormant, coming to the conclusion it would wasteful to delete what I’d created. Maybe it’s time to pick up the mantle again. I guess I’ll have to carve out an even less glamorous niche than amateur Czech football to keep things ticking over.

So I’ll leave the football side of things to Chris over at CZE Football, and I’ll focus on the other stuff. The good stuff.

I suppose I could start by refreshing the out-dated scene setters. Plzen have only become the strongest outfit in the whole country! And why does the FA have it in for wonderful Žižkov? Plenty to think about.






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