This blog is about illuminating an arcane world of small crowds, inconvenient kick-off times, and oleaginous half-time snacks, all without having to navigate a single word of the devious Czech language.

When I first developed a taste for Czech football, I could not find any English language resource to help me to distinguish Viktoria Žižkov from Zbrojovka Brno, so here I am doing it myself. In between I’ll provide some musings on anything that captures my imagination regarding the game in the ČR. This is not a results service however, so if it’s a news daily digest you’re looking for there’s no better than Czech Football Daily.

Hezký, before you ask, is a word I picked up from the weathered old-timers that bellow from the tribune when they see something agreeable on the pitch. It means ‘nice’ or ‘pretty’. So there’s some Czech learnt and a promise broken already.


3 responses to “About

  1. Erik Bengtsson

    Amazing!! Why haven’t yo told me about this?

  2. Good stuff! Nice for all foreigners that try to keep up with the Czech Football.

  3. I reckon it translates as “Well played, my son” or maybe just “Sweet”.

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