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Setting the record straight

With the amount of Czech football queries I receive you’d think I update this site with original content five times a day. As it happens this is my first post in five years.

It’s not that I lost interest. It was a combination of boring factors and having my site torpedoed by this guy right here who duplicated my idea but did it a million times better.

I left Hezký dormant, coming to the conclusion it would wasteful to delete what I’d created. Maybe it’s time to pick up the mantle again. I guess I’ll have to carve out an even less glamorous niche than amateur Czech football to keep things ticking over.

So I’ll leave the football side of things to Chris over at CZE Football, and I’ll focus on the other stuff. The good stuff.

I suppose I could start by refreshing the out-dated scene setters. Plzen have only become the strongest outfit in the whole country! And why does the FA have it in for wonderful Žižkov? Plenty to think about.






Viktoria Žižkov Punx and Skins

My Czech football allegiances are a complicated business. The whole point is that Czech football is a cheap and unequivocally splendid way to spend a few hours in Prague, and I always gravitate to the nearest match where there is a chance of a beer and a sausage. That said, I would be a fraud if I didn’t admit to harbouring sympathies for some clubs and malignity for others, but that’s for me to worry about.

Rarely does a trip to Czech come to pass without a Sunday morning pilgrimage to Viktoria Žižkov, some of the reasons for which I have alluded to previously. I was a patron for most of the 2006 spring season when my buddy Erik and I would kick back in the Sunday morning sunshine nursing mild, Primus-induced headaches as Žižkov pushed for promotion back to the big leagues. Sealing what was already a triumphant event to wake up to was the half-time soundtrack. There is no need to shut out the chart-topping scrub pop or cleansed anodyne rock dirge at Žižkov. The musicman here plays to his audience, which as luck should have it is almost exclusively thick-necked, crusty barflies from around the way.

At Žižkov you get nothing but blisteringly mellifluous rock-chug, spanning 80s power ballads to thrash metal to dualling five-minute guitar solos reverbed all the way up to 11. In addition there are a couple of fist-pumpingly catchy Žižkov anthems thrown into the mix that stay true to the preferred genre, and are guaranteed an airing throughout each and every home game. It was in the internet hunt for these tunes that I stumbled across these belting punk rock homages to Viktoria Žižkov below. Any football institution that arouses a punk following has got my back, and thus my love for Žižkov has been cemented.

I found another tune by the second band, Orlik, called ‘White League’ which aroused my anxieties somewhat. With punk bands these things can go either way and I had rather hoped that they were more of the Minor Threat ‘Guilty of Being White’ school than the Nazi-punk way of thinking. It turns out they have a problem with the Czech Roma, which is a shame but I much prefer the S.A.D. number anyway. I looked into them too and they have another song which looks as though it glamourises the Czech football hooligan scene, so it seems as though all Czech punks are brutes and savages.

If anybody is aware of any left wing Czech football related punk tunes then post in the comments below. (Apart from Half Man Half Biscuit, naturally).

Mission Statement

Given that I already spend a good portion of my free time following developments in Czech football and the Gambrinus Liga, I’ve decided to put this fascination to some good use and store my thoughts and knowledge in this here receptacle in an attempt to introduce and illuminate the esoteric world of domestic football in the Czech Republic.

The dutiful among you may well be capable of mustering a Sparta Praha from a distant recollection of a humble foray in European Cup competition. I would be privileged to further this familiarity, forging the likes of České Budějovice and Viktoria Žižkov into keystones of the European football lexicon, flanking the likes of Brondby, Young Boys or even Genk.

I might throw in some pronunciation lessons to boot. That’s half the battle right there.