Gambrinus Liga

The zenith of Czech football, the Gambrinus Liga is where the behemoths of the domestic game compete for the claim of champion club in the 19th strongest league in Europe.

Regardless of your reference point, professional football in this central European country is largely a serene activity. A combination of technically accomplished players at affordable prices make this league an enjoyable one for football purists. Intimidating ‘east European’ atmospheres often associated with former Communist countries are seldom witnessed and reserved only for the Prague Derby and a few other grudge matches.

The league is something of a competitive oligopoly, with vast disparities between the rich and poor. As a consequence, only a small number of the wealthier organisations challenge for honours consistently.

The league is evenly spread geographically, with all three Czech regions represented. Prague is the only city represented by more than one team, although there exist a number of smaller, regional rivalries.

Distribution of Gambrinus Liga clubs 2010/11

The table below offers some key stats on the teams that comprise the Gambrinus Liga for the 2010/11 season giving some indication of the clout of each club. Six organisations have been ever-present in the Gambrinus League, the top level of Czech football, since its inception: Banik Ostrava; Slovan Liberec; Sigma Olomouc; Slavia Praha; Sparta Praha; and Zbrojovka Brno.

Here is a brief run-down of all the other Czech football clubs that have managed at least one season in the top tier since 1993/94.


3 responses to “Gambrinus Liga

  1. Great blog, I have a friend who lives in Leipzig and when I next visit him we’re looking to get across the boarder to see FK Teplice or Slovan Liberec.

    Dave, 2011 A Football Odyssey.

    • Good shout. They’re both two of the league’s better teams. Teplice have a decent stadium by Czech standards, but with a beer and a sausage to wash the football down it’s fun no matter where you go.

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