Despite what David Pleat may think Czechoslovakia doesn’t actually exist anymore. The amicable dissolution in 1993 spewed out both Czech Republic and Slovakia, disrupting historical football records no end.

The unfortunate outcome of the split is that domestic football in both countries has undoubtedly weakened, with representatives from both nations struggling to consistently make any mark in European competition (other global football trends notwithstanding).

As of 2010 plans are afoot to reunite the two, an unprecedented development within European football but by no means an unwelcome one. Who knows, if all goes well the respective governments might come up with a similar bright idea, but that’s a different discussion altogether.

Czech football has bumbled along for the last 17 years, forging a far from fearsome reputation throughout Europe in that time. It is this stretch that will take precedent whenever I decide to whip out some stats. The Honours Table beneath is primarily concerned with Czech league stats, although I threw in the Czechoslovak champions just this one time to offer some perspective.

The Slovakian teams are italicised. Also worth noting is that some of these clubs won silverware under different guises, such as Zlín who won their only trophy under the horrifically Germanic moniker, TJ Gottwaldov.

It’s fairly apparent that Czech teams have traditionally proved to be stronger than their Slovakian rivals. Sparta Prague in particular have dominated in both eras, notching title after title pre-dissolution, and overshadowing most of the competition in the smaller and less competitive Czech league.

The Czech football scene of the 21st Century is still dictated from Prague with Slavia beginning to test their fierce rivals. Isolated triumphs have been registered by two of the larger provincial clubs, Ostrava and Liberec.


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