Czech League Pyramid

As depicted in my absurdly rectangular league pyramid, the Gambrinus Liga is Czech football’s elite division, housing the best 16 teams the Czech lands have to offer including the traditional big guns of Sparta and Slavia Prague, Baník Ostrava and so forth.

Druhá Liga (literally ‘second league’) is also a fully professional division represented by teams nationwide. As with the Gambrinus Liga, two teams are relegated and promoted from the second tier each season.

ČFL and MSFL are two parallel, regional leagues that comprise the third tier of Czech football. ČFL is the Bohemian Football League, MSFL the Moravian-Silesian Football League. Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia are the three regions that constitute the Czech lands. One club is promoted from both leagues to replace the two clubs relegated from the Second Division.

At the fourth level are five parallel leagues, again operating on a regional basis. Winners of Czech Divisions A, B, and C are promoted to ČFL and winners of Divisions C and E are promoted to the MSFL. Accordingly, the geography of teams relegated from the Second Division can have an affect on the numbers of teams promoted to and from the ČFL and MSFL each season.

Beneath this there are six further levels to the domestic pyramid of Czech football. The Fifth Division comprises 14 parallel regional Championships.

Kde Je Stadion is an excellent glimpse at football in the nether regions of the Czech league system, all the way down to the tenth level of football.


2 responses to “Czech League Pyramid

  1. First of all, I must say that you have put together an interesting blog. I look forward to your posts in the future.

    The Czech FA Cup, can be a little confusing. Clubs below the top four levels are actually eligible.

    I can only speak for Olomoucky Kraj, but I assume things must work the same in other regions with regards to qualifying. Qualifying for the 2010/11 competition actually began in August 2009. Numerous clubs, down to the 10th division, entered in a knockout competition. You lose, and you go home. My club won the Prostejov region, and thus made it to the semi-finals of the Olomoucky Kraj. However, they lost out to a 5th division club, who went on to win the Olomoucky Kraj, and qualify for the Czech Cup proper. From what I understand, only clubs in the 5th divisions and below can enter the regional qualifying. I can almost never find any mention of the regional qualifying for the Czech Cup, so information can be hard to come by.

    Generally speaking, clubs below the 5th division usually don’t get into the Czech Cup proper. However, Bludov played in the 2009/10 Czech Cup when they were a 7th division team, but they went down 9-0 to Unicov (3rd division team). They qualified, because they won their regional qualification.

    I haven’t heard anything about a Czech Cup qualification competition, so I have no idea what is going on this year.

  2. Hello. Thanks for your post and for illuminating the dark world of Czech cup qualifying. I’ve been following your blog for a while – I bow down to your dedication traversing through obscure Moravian villages each weekend! Some of the stadiums you’ve captured are terrific.

    I hope to make this more of a discussion blog of news in Czech football. I live in the UK so getting to games is sporadic at best.

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