TJ Buchlovice

The first in my regional series and we’re heading way, way down into the depths of non-league Czech football. Buchlovice (pronounced similar to book-luv-itsa) is a small town near the Slovak border in the glorious wine making region of Moravia with a population close to 2,500. There’s a popular chateaux in the town which houses a number of peacocks, hence the club’s crest.

Main Stand

TJ Buchlovice play in the 9th tier of Czech football (see comments below – thanks Jay!), under the umbrella Regional Football Association Zlin and the smaller District Football Association Uherske Hradiste, which is the nearest large town (that incidentally is home to Gambrinus League side 1. FC Slovácko).

I have no frame of reference but I would wager this is one of the tidier grounds in the Uherské Hradiště Okresní Soutěž (that’s regional 9th tier to you and me), and there is no denying they have a strong blue and yellow paint job. I knew I’d stumbled onto a winner when I spotted the annexed petanque club.




One response to “TJ Buchlovice

  1. Great little write up, and its always good to see the smaller clubs in the Czech Republic get some exposure.

    TJ Buchlovice actually play at the 9th tier of Czech football. They play in the 3 třída – Zlínský Kraj – Uherské Hradiště. Currently, they are tied for first place.

    Their ground is quite good for the 9th tier of football. I’ve seen, much much worse!

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